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Our Mediators are trained professionals who have all undergone a rigorous screening process prior to being approved by the Ministry of the Attorney General to work for our agency. Our clinical Mediators meet the requirements for accreditation with the Ontario Association of Family Mediators (OAFM) and can help you with child custody, visitation, communication, and parenting plans. Our legal Mediators are lawyers who are fully qualified Mediators and can help you with financial and property matters. We offer a confidential service with a dedicated professional to facilitate your amicable agreement.

The following mediators are available to assist you:

Paul Brown, HonBSc, Acc. FM (OAFM), CP Med

Kathy Church, LL.B, Acc. FM (OAFM)

Dave Curtis, LL.B, Acc. FM (OAFM)

Kathy Dunne, Acc. FM (OAFM)

Peg Galloway, LL.B., Acc. FM (OAFM), CP Med

Brenda Kotras, Acc. FM (OAFM)

Audrey Lea, Acc. FM (OAFM)

Kourtney O’Dwyer, LL.B., Acc. FM (OAFM)

Jonathan Paynter, R.S.W., Acc. FM (OAFM)

Susan Peel, LL.B., Acc. FM (OAFM)

Kattie Ross, LL.B.

Dorothy Ryan, M.S.W., R.S.W.

David Tonge, M.S.W., R.S.W., Acc. FM (OAFM), CP Med

Ingrid Vollmer, Acc. FM (OAFM)

Monica Walsh, B.Sc.N., LL.B., Acc. FM (OAFM), CP Med

Claudette Riley, B.A., R.S.W., Acc. FM (OAFM)

Sherri Bayley, LL.B., Acc. FM (OAFM)

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